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Our Annual Reports

Youth LEAD produces annual reports to reflect on some of the key achievements and milestones from the year. The annual report provides a glimpse into some of the key activities and projects and highlights Youth LEAD’s contribution to the regional HIV response. The annual report also explores how Youth LEAD’s efforts align with other global strategies, but more importantly, how the activities align with Youth LEAD’s strategic priorities.

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2023

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2023_Final.pdf

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2022

2022 Youth LEAD Annual Report.pdf

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2021

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2021 (final).pdf

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020 Youth LEAD - 25 July 2021 (1).pdf

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2019

2019 Annual Report.pdf

Youth LEAD Annual Report 2018


Youth LEAD Annual Report 2017


Youth LEAD Annual Report 2016


Youth LEAD Annual Report 2015


Youth LEAD Annual Report 2014


Youth LEAD Annual Report 2013


Our Strategic Plans

Youth LEAD Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024

Youth LEAD Strategic Plan 2019-2024 HI-RES.pdf

Youth LEAD Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018


Our Manuals

Youth LEAD has several well-known training and guidance manuals, from capacity and leadership training of adolescents (TeenGen) to Global Fund training, (Making money work for young people on the Global Fund). We try to encompass the emerging needs of YKPs in our training and manuals to ensure that those needs are being addressed. 

Legal Advocacy Toolkit

  • 5  Country Roll-outs 
  • 5  Trainings
  • 120 YKPs Trained

YKP Guidance

  • 2  Country Roll-outs 
  • 1  Regional Training
  • 50 YKPs Trained

Organisational Development and Change

  • 3  Country Roll-outs
  • 3  Organisational Assessments


  • 6  Country Roll-outs 
  • 7  Trainings
  • 150 YKPs Trained


  • 13  Country Roll-outs 
  • 20  Trainings
  • 400 YKPs Trained

Global Fund Training

  • 13  Country Roll-outs
  • 4  Global Regions
  • 15 Trainings
  • 250 YKPs Trained


One of Youth LEAD’s most prominent training manuals, TeenGen, provides a leadership training course for adolescents from key populations in the Asia Pacific region. TeenGen aims to build the knowledge and skills of adolescents on HIV, leadership and human rights. As young people grow and age, Youth LEAD recognises the need to develop the capacity of youth activities at an earlier age, which will help sustain and expand the youth and key population movement. The training, which generally lasts three days, is aimed at 13 -17-year-olds. Thus far, TeenGen has been carried out seven times in six countries since 2016.


NewGen is Youth LEAD’s oldest and most-recognised training manual, developed in 2011 and published in 2014 has since been conducted more than 20 times in 13 countries. The flagship manual provides a leadership training course for young people from key populations at higher risk of HIV exposure in the Asia Pacific region.

NewGen aims to build the advocacy and leadership skills of young key populations, and also builds the institutional capacity of community youth networks and other youth-led/serving organisations, equipping them with skills to address the needs of YKPs. Unlike TeenGen, NewGen is longer and takes five-days, tackling issues of SRHE and CSE at greater length. 

Legal Advocacy Toolkit

The Legal Advocacy Toolkit is one of Youth LEAD’s newest editions that focuses on young people and law. Developed in 2016, the toolkit training has since been rolled out in five countries, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. The toolkit is intended to build the understanding of the legal and policy environment and the effects that laws and policies can have on young people's sexual and reproductive health, as avenues for advocacy to address identified barriers. It looks at both local and international advocacy with a focus on using international human rights mechanisms. The training course is conducted over a space of four days. 

Global Fund Training for Young People

Making Money Work for Young People in HIV Response is an advocacy initiative developed to influence the Global Fund into allocating resources for young people. The Global Fund is one of the largest multilateral donors in the world, and one of Youth LEAD main funding agencies. Youth LEAD has played a crucial role in the development of the Global Fund Youth Guide, a guide written for young people to understand the Global Fund. The guide helped inspire capacity training to empower young people to understand the Global Fund processes better. The training has since been carried out 15 times in 13 countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Asia Pacific. 

Organisational Development and Change

In 2019, Youth LEAD and the 4Youth consortium, comprised of Youth LEAD, Y+ Global, Y-PEER Asia Pacific Centre and Youth RISE, through the support of the Robert Carr Fund, came together to consult on the development of an Organizational Development and Change (ODC) manual. This initiative would target YKP-led organisations. The ODC manual aims to improve organisational problem solving and strengthen processes through a collaborative management culture for youth organisations. The manual was developed and finalised by Youth LEAD in 2020.

YKP Guidance Manual

The YKP Guidance Manual was developed by young people for young people, to highlight the unique needs of YKPs in the Asia Pacific region. The manual promotes sharing, learning, reflection and critical thinking to inspire the development of comprehensive regional and national programmes for the sexual reproductive health and rights. The YKP Guidance had its first regional training in October 2019, followed by two in-country trainings in November. The guidance manaul was formally launched in early 2020. 

22 Countries

Across four global regions

47 Roll Outs

Across four global regions

Over 1000 young people trained


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Our Publications

We produce and collaborate on a variety of publications, reports and assessments for our organisation and for the wider network. 

Accessibility and Acceptability of Mental Health Services for Young People Who Use Drugs in Nepal

Accessibility and Acceptability of Mental Health Services for Young People Who Use Drugs in Nepal.pdf

Delivering Inclusive Services for Young Transgender and Gender Diverse People: A Training Module for Healthcare Workers

TY Healthcare Training Module.pdf

YKP Engagement in the 7th Grant Cycle

YKP Engagements in the 7th Grant Cycle.pdf

Youth LEAD Report on Best Practices and Organizational Milestones

Best Practices and Organizational Milestones_Final.pdf

Transgender Youth Inclusion in Healthcare in Southeast Asia


Young Key Population and Youth Engagement in the Global Fund 7th Grant Cycle

Youth Engagement Guideline.pdf

LGBTIQ+ Youth Leadership Training Module


Engagement of youth in the country coordinating mechanism and global fund processes in the Asia Pacific


Mental Health and Self-Care: Information Booklet for Young People and YKPs

Mental Health and Self-care Booklet.pdf

YKP Organizational Guideline for Crisis Situations

YKP Crisis Guideline.pdf

Putting Young Key Populations First


Harm Reduction Services For Young People Who Inject Drugs Report


Young people and The Global Fund in Mongolia


Implementation of the Young Key Populations Programme in the Global Fund Grant


Assessment of the Global Fund Investments for Adolescent and Young Key Populations in Four Countries in Asia: Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Pakistan


Our Rights Matter Too: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young Key Populations in Asia and the Pacific


Taking Root Branching Out


Youth LEAD, Voices of Change


Fokus Muda and The Global Fund: Making Money Work for Young Key Populations: Experiences of Young Key Populations with the New Funding Model In Indonesia

Fokus Muda Case Documentation 22Feb.pdf

Our Partnered Publications

We also contribute to a variety of other publications in collaboration with our partners on research, data gathering and external reviews.

Trans Youth Manifesto for orgs working for LGBTQ community

Trans Youth Manifesto for orgs working for LGBTQ community.pdf

Trans Youth Manifesto for Trans-led Organizations

Trans Youth Manifesto for Trans-led org .pdf

Looking out for adolescents and youth from key populations in Asia and the Pacific

Looking out for adolescents and youth from key populations.pdf

Young people and the law in Asia and the Pacific


Making the money work for young people: a participation tool for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Part 1)


Making the money work for young people: a participation tool for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Part 2)


Organisational Development and Change - UNDP Being LGBTI in Asia and the Pacific Project


The ​Organisational Development and Change (ODC) manual was developed in 2019 by Youth LEAD to guide youth-led organisations through the development and growth of their organisations with tools, workable and accessible frameworks, in a language that is youth-friendly and easy to understand. In 2020, Youth LEAD was awarded funds by ​UNDP, Being LGBTI in Asia and the Pacific to support the country-led assessment of three of Youth LEAD's network partners; ​Myanmar Youth Stars​, Youth LEAD Mongolia and ​Ya_All, India. The ​internal assessments allowed organisations to reflect on their foundations, the structure,​ organisational management but also promote​d​ cross-sharing of findings between ​network ​partners.

Regional Cross-learning Meeting Summary Report


Myanmar Youth Stars ODC Report

MYS_Strategic Plan_English version_Final_2021-2023.pdf

Ya_All ODC Report

YA ALL ODC Report.pdf

Youth LEAD MNG ODC Report

YLM - Selected project proposal activity reports.pdf

IATT Resources

The Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on Young Key Populations Asia Pacific produces annual reports to reflect on key highlights and achievements from its members. The annual reports are produced by the two co-chairs on the year that they have chaired. 

2020 - Jeffry Acaba (APCASO) & Michela Polesana (UNAIDS RST) with support from Jawying Lyster (UNDP)

2019 - Eddy Rudram (Youth LEAD) & Shirley Prabhu (UNICEF EAPRO)

2018 - Sangeet Kayastha (Y-PEER APC) & Erika Yague (UNFPA APRO)

Asia Pacific Youth Forum Meeting Report

AP Youth Forum meeting report 22JAN2019 for review.pdf

IATT Annual Report 2020

IATT on YKP 2020 Report.pdf

IATT Annual Report 2019

IATT-YKP Annual Report 2019 28FEB2020.pdf

IATT Annual Report 2018

IATT Annual Report 2018.docx