Youth LEAD is the largest network of young key populations in the Asia Pacific, working directly with key populations and for their needs. Recognising that youth-led or youth-serving organisations/networks often have difficulty in securing funds; Youth LEAD began providing grants since 2013 to support the YKP movement and YKP organisations. In 2019, Youth LEAD is now supporting 14 organisations across the Asia Pacific through the help of several key funding agencies.

"Youth LEAD is an institution for change, providing YKP grassroots organisations with the tools and support to better their communities in the Asia Pacific region." - Vanessa Monley, Programme Officer at Youth LEAD

Our Collaborations

Youth LEAD is proud to work in partnership with various global working groups on young key populations.

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IATT (Inter-Agency Task Team on Young Key Populations)

Youth LEAD has been a member of the Interagency Task Team on Young Key Populations (IATT) since 2012 and has co-chaired the task team in 2015 and 2019. The IATT is a collaboration of civil society organisation/networks and UN agencies working on young key populations in the Asia Pacific and holds bi-monthly meetings in Bangkok, Thailand. The IATT works collaboratively to address emerging key population trends and is founded on strengthening partnerships between members working on HIV.

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4Youth - Global YKP Consortium

The 4Youth consortium is comprised of four regional and global networks working on HIV under the RCF grant for 2019 - 2021. Youth LEAD (Asia Pacific network of young key populations), YPEER (Global network of young people working on SRHR), Y+ (Global network of young people living with HIV) and Youth RISE (Global network of young people who use drugs) came together in 2019 to form 4Youth. The consortium is working to advance global efforts on youth in the HIV response through the strengthening of networks. 

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​The PACT is a vibrant coalition of more than 80 youth-led and youth serving organisations working collaboratively and strategically in the global HIV response. The PACT unites youth organizations working at national, regional and global levels to fight for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of all people. Youth LEAD has been a member of the PACT since its inception in August 2013 and has taken various leadership roles on different thematic workstreams.