YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund: Phase II

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Youth LEAD secures additional funding to support the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, launches Phase II. 

COVID-19, the global pandemic that has changed the way of life for all. In the past few months, we have witnessed countries attempt to flatten the curve and the measures taken to prevent a second wave; some succeeded, many others did not. Young key populations (YKPs) and young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) already face challenges in employment, social protection, accessing healthcare and education, which have been further exacerbated by COVID-19. There are growing concerns about how COVID-19 will impact the progress already made on HIV and the emerging challenges faced by YKPs and YPLHIV.

Youth LEAD has been closely observing the pandemic in relation to the shifting needs and priorities of YKPs and YPLHIV. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Youth LEAD has been working closely with network partners, stakeholders and UN agencies alike, to identify areas of additional support. Earlier in April, Youth LEAD conducted a situational analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic among its members and network partners to identify areas for support and intervention. The results from the IATT YKP COVID-19 Survey supported many of the claims and challenges experienced by young people across the region. In response to this, Youth LEAD reached out to existing donors to explore the possibility of fund-reallocation for the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. An allocation of a small emergency seed fund for network partners to support on-going COVID-19 initiatives would provide more significant support and security for organisations and networks struggling with the pandemic. The Robert Carr Fund (RCF), one of Youth LEAD’s prominent donors agreed to the proposal and approved the reallocation of programme costs to support the COVID-19 response programme. The first phase of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund was launched on Monday 20th April 2020 with a total budget of USD 29000 allocated to support COVID-19 relief efforts. The YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Phase 1 supported various initiatives and projects across the region, some of these include:

  1. YKP LEAD + Recovering Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal) - supported critical harm reduction services and support for people who use drugs on the streets in Kathmandu with emergency care packages;
  2. Human Touch Foundation (Goa, India) - supported the ARV home-delivery scheme and mental support programmes for adolescents living with HIV;
  3. Inti Muda (Jakarta, Indonesia) - supported programmes and activities of local YKP organisations in seven provinces across Indonesia. Activities include essential care packages, online counselling services with a psychologist and seed funding for emergencies;
  4. Ya_All (Manipur, India) - supported mental health services, food and essential medicine packages, and provided small financial grants to local Transgender businesses;
  5. YKP LEAD and NAP+N (Kathmandu, Nepal) - supported essential relief packages, including ARV to the children living with HIV under 12 years old across Nepal
  6. Y-PEER Pilipinas (Philippines) - supported adolescents and young key populations by hosting a series of web-talks on HIV and SRHR. Y-PEER also distributed free condoms through a delivery scheme.

To find out more information about these initiatives and more on different projects across Asia and the Pacific, please visit www.ykptaskteam.org

In August, Youth LEAD conducted a similar context analysis of COVID-19 with Focal Points and network partners to determine if there was a need for the continuation of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Likewise, Focal Points and network partners also provided Youth LEAD with a brief background on the COVID-19 situation in their respective countries. Nearly all responses indicated concerns in the rise of COVID-19 cases, and due to poorly coordinated responses from governments, civil society organisations, and in particular, youth-led organisations have been unable to access resources and financial assistance. After a series of discussion with donors and UN partners, Youth LEAD extended the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund in late August, launching Phase 2, to support youth-led initiatives and projects in the context of HIV and COVID-19 up until the end of 2020. 

Phase 2 of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is supported by RCF and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) with USD 23000 allocated to support on-going COVID-19 relief efforts. In total, combining Phase 1 and Phase 2, Youth LEAD has mobilised USD 53000 towards the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

How to apply for the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund?

Our organisation is interested in applying for Phase 2 of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, what is the process? 

Organisations and networks are requested to submit two documents:

  1. 1-2 page concept note outlining the initiative or programme, provided with information on the COVID-19 situation in your country and expected outcomes and outputs of the project;
  2. Budget breakdown of activities;

How much can we apply?

Organisations and networks can apply up to a maximum of USD 4000.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Organisations and networks currently receiving grants and funding from Youth LEAD or have in the past received support from Youth LEAD since 2017 (Priority is given to existing network partners);
  • Organisations and networks that work on HIV, SRHR or Public Health;
  • Organisations and networks must be youth-led or youth-serving and work with young key populations and/or with young people living with HIV;
  • Organisations and networks based in Asia and the Pacific; 

Specific requirements:

  • Proposed programmes and initiatives must be youth-led or youth-serving;
  • Proposed programmes and initiatives must have an HIV component, even in the context of COVID-19;
  • Proposed programmes and initiatives should target young key populations and young people living with HIV, but is also not limited to key populations groups.

If we received support from Phase 1 of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, can we apply again?

Yes, organisations and networks can apply again for Phase 2, given that all documentation, including reporting from Phase 1 meets the requirements.

What is the project duration/timeline?

September 2020

  • Accepting concept notes, proposals and budgets*
  • Reviewing of concept notes, proposals and budgets
  • Contracts and financial documents issued

October - December 2020

Project Duration

January 2021


*Youth LEAD may accept concept notes and proposals beyond September if additional funding becomes available 

To submit documents or to get in touch about the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, please email Eddy Rudram at eddy@youth-lead.org

Youth LEAD would like to thank the incredible efforts made by young people across the region during these unprecedented times. Young people are leading the response, and we recognise the remarkable contributions made to your community, country and region.

Youth LEADing the #YKPCOVID19 response.

Edited by: Eddy Rudram (Communications Officer, Youth LEAD)