New Report: Young Key Population and Youth Engagement in the Global Fund 7th Grant Cycle

Posted on Apr 5, 2023

A guideline for youth-led organizations to engage with the Global Fund grant cycle

UNAIDS’s “Putting Key Population First Report 2022” disclosed that young people aged 15–24 years in Asia-Pacific account for a substantial proportion of the 260 000 new infections in the region (26% in 2020), with young men almost twice as likely as young women to acquire HIV. An estimated 63 000 [41 000–86 000] young people in the region acquired HIV in 2020, bringing the number of young people living with HIV in the region to 370 000 [230 000–520 000]. 

To support youth-led organizations in the coordination and alignment of funding applications, this engagement guide is intended to support youth-led organizations on Meaningful Youth and Adolescent Engagement (MAYE) in the Grant Cycle–7. Under the CRG-Strategic Initiative grant, the Youth Consortium led by Youth LEAD has been awarded funding to ensure the meaningful engagement of young key populations in the 7th Grant Cycle and sufficient focus on gender-based violence and human rights programs. 

The main purpose of the guideline is to play the role of detailed-guide /step by step/ to youth-led organizations across the Asia Pacific and African region on how to bring YKPs and YPLHIVs together and meaningfully engage and involve in the funding request development process, including the community priorities in the funding request.