New Report: Delivering Inclusive Services for Young Transgender and Gender Diverse People: A Training Module for Healthcare Workers

Posted on Jan 26, 2024


This module was developed by Youth LEAD, a network of young key populations in the Asia- Pacific, in partnership with the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) under the Trans Asia- Pacific and Africa Solidarity (TAPAS) Consortium funded by the Robert Carr Fund (RCF). The module aims to support healthcare workers, including those with non-formal educational backgrounds, to use the right mind and skillset to deliver inclusive care for young transgender and gender diverse people. This module was designed to comprehensively sensitize healthcare workers on the needs of trans and gender diverse people, particularly those who are younger in age.

This module will be integrated into Youth LEAD’s new Regional Healthcare Worker Sensitisation Manual on Young Key Populations. It can also be used independent of the Manual for specific training on inclusive healthcare services for young trans and gender divers people. The module was developed through an evaluative process that brought authors and key community leaders together.