Reflections from the IAS Conference 2023

Posted on Aug 7, 2023


On 23-36 July, the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science was held in Brisbane, Australia. The International AIDS conference is a crucial platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, activists, and policymakers to come together and discuss the latest advancements in HIV/AIDS research, prevention, and treatment. It provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and strategies to combat the global HIV epidemic. 

Pooja Kunwar Chhetri of YKP LEAD Nepal and a Board Member of Youth LEAD was one of over 5000 people who participated in the IAS Conference.  

“Attending the International AIDS conference in 2023 in Brisbane has been an enlightening experience! It's great to hear about focus on youthful learning, education advocacy, and living beyond HIV diagnosis.”

Youthful learning and education advocacy play a significant role in HIV prevention and awareness. It is also essential to empower young people with accurate information about HIV transmission, prevention, and destigmatizing the virus are essential steps in curbing the spread of HIV. Education can also lead to early diagnosis and access to life-saving treatments. Additionally, living beyond an HIV diagnosis is an essential aspect of supporting individuals living with the virus. With advancements in medical treatments and the understanding of HIV as a chronic condition, people diagnosed with HIV can lead fulfilling lives with proper care, support, and adherence to treatment.

As one of Youth LEAD’s Board Members, Pooja hopes to use what she learned in the IAS conference to further her advocacy for the needs of young key populations in Nepal in particular with regard to HIV prevention and awareness, as well as harm reduction for young people who use drugs.