New Report: YKP Engagement in the 7th Grant Cycle

Posted on Dec 18, 2023

Documenting best practices and lessons learned on YKP engagement in the Global Fund 7th Grant Cycle

In December 2022, the Global Fund sent out allocation letters to the Global Fund recipient countries detailing the allocated amounts countries need to apply for. The allocation letters detailed the number of resources allocated for each of the different disease categories; HIV, TB, and malaria. Many countries in Asia-Pacific and Africa have gathered input from stakeholders after receiving allocation letters, or they have plans to do so, in order to strengthen their submissions to the Global Fund for the Grant Cycle 7, also known as the GC7.

Under the Community Engagement -Strategic Initiative grant, the “Count Me In” Youth Consortium had an opportunity to ensure the meaningful engagement of YKPs and YPLHIV in the 7th Grant Cycle and sufficient focus on gender-based violence and human rights programs. The consortium supported YKP and YPLHIV-led organizations in 9 different countries to engage in and prioritize youth-led and youth-serving programs and activities in the funding proposal submitted to the Global Fund.

This case study documents best practices and lessons learned from four countries that have successfully engaged, as well as the barriers and challenges to YKP engagement.