New Report: Mental Health and Self-Care Booklet for Young People and YKPs

Posted on Sep 2, 2022


Understanding and addressing mental health challenges for young people and young key populations

Young people aged 14 to 30 years old experience a significant burden of mental health disability globally. Among young key populations (YKP), the risk for developing mental illness is heightened by other vulnerabilities such as early sexual debut, high numbers of sexual partners, low condom use, transactional sex, needle sharing, including drug/alcohol abuse.

This booklet provides YKPs a quick reference guide to understand and manage their unique mental health and self-care needs. It can be used as a toolkit to educate YKPs on common mental health challenges associated with exposure to adverse situations. At the same time, it offers YKPs with information on how to apply basic non-specialized psychosocial support (PSS) techniques to manage the mild psychological challenges that they and their peer’s encounter.