Five Years Later, the 4Youth Consortium Remains Steadfast, Committed and Impactful

Posted on Apr 30, 2024


Bangkok, 1-2 April 2024Representatives from Youth LEAD, Y+ Global, Y-PEER Asia Pacific Centre, and Youth RISE convened in Bangkok for the annual meeting of the 4Youth Consortium. This meeting was significant for the partners as it marked five years since the consortium was formed under the Robert Carr Fund, where the very first meeting took place in Bangkok back in 2019.

During the meeting, each network reviewed work plans from 2023, reflecting on their substantial achievements over the past year across local, regional, and global levels. These reflections highlighted the progress made not only as an individual network but as a consortium, setting the stage for meaningful conversations on addressing rising challenges within the HIV response.

In the discussions, the networks highlighted several critical challenges they faced at the organisational and technical levels. Some of the challenges reported included national networks' shifting priorities, fundraising hurdles, and the shrinking of civil society space. 

With concerns regarding financial sustainability, funding and technical support for newer national networks remain a top priority for the consortium. Moreover, the discussion highlighted the need for national network registration and capacity building to diversify funding sources as pivotal steps towards strengthening youth-led HIV response. These concerns affirm the value of the consortium and its impact through the Robert Carr Fund, which has supported many organisations in becoming registered and having the capacity to apply for domestic and international funding over the last few years. 

A significant outcome of this year's meeting was the agreement to establish a stronger 4Youth Consortium profile. This strategic move is designed to streamline collaborative efforts and amplify their impact. The consortium also agreed to embark on a comprehensive donor mapping exercise to identify and engage potential funding sources that align with their mission and objectives and to see how the 4Youth Consortium's reach can be expanded into more regions and across more countries. 

"Collectively, we have strengthened the capacity of many youth-led organisations to be able to stand on their own,” said Ikka Noviyanti, Regional Coordinator of Youth LEAD. "Despite challenges in the funding landscape for the HIV response and how young people are tackling those specific issues, we remain hopeful as we explore potential avenues for collaboration by looking at the intersectionality of HIV and other health, socio-economic and cultural issues."

Over the years, the 4Youth Consortium has played a crucial role in empowering organisations and networks led by youth to secure grants and larger funding streams. This has been possible through the partners' dedicated capacity-building and collaborative institutional strengthening initiatives, which have successfully equipped young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate complex funding landscapes. 

"Through the unwavering support of the Robert Carr Fund, the 4Youth Consortium has achieved remarkable milestones," stated Ruby Lawlor, Executive Director of Youth RISE. "Our collective success is a testament to the strength of our collaboration. By continuing to work together, we can address critical issues effectively and amplify our impact on the global stage. The synergy within the consortium not only enhances our efforts but also ensures sustained progress in the advocacy for youth health and rights."

With AIDS 2024 shortly approaching, a key focus of this year's consortium meeting was strategising for stronger engagement at the upcoming conference. The 4Youth Consortium plans to highlight the significant impact of its collaborative efforts by showcasing innovative projects and shared successes in advancing youth-related health issues. 

“We hope to fully take advantage of our presence at AIDS 2024 and demonstrate the transformative power of collaboration. This platform will not only enhance the visibility of the consortium’s efforts but also amplify the voices of young people in the global dialogue on health and rights,” says Maximina Jokonya, Executive Director of Y+ Global.

The 4Youth Consortium remains dedicated to its vision of empowering young people worldwide, advocating for their rights, and fostering an environment where every young person living with and affected by HIV has the opportunity to thrive.

About 4Youth Consortium

The 4Youth Consortium is a collaborative initiative between Youth LEAD, Y+ Global, Y-PEER Asia Pacific Centre, and Youth RISE formed under the Robert Carr Fund. All four networks are youth-led and have the common objective of strengthening the capacity of the young key populations and young people living with HIV in their respective regions and globally.

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