Become a Youth LEAD Board Member!

Posted on Nov 2, 2022

Become a Youth LEAD Board Member today!

Do you want to become a board member to Youth LEAD’s growing network of young key populations and young people living with HIV?

Do you want to play a role in Youth LEAD’s governance and strategic direction?

This is your chance to become part of something bigger!


Youth LEAD is the regional network of youth activists working in the field of HIV/AIDs in Asia and the Pacific. Youth LEAD represents Youth Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development. 

We are a network of young key populations (YKP) and young people living with HIV(YPLHIV) working to empower and strengthen regional partnerships with local and national YKP organisations across Asia and the Pacific. Our network aims to provide regional members, also known as focal points, with the necessary skills to address issues and challenges faced by key population communities. We want to raise awareness of issues faced by young people and strengthen the role of young peoples in the HIV response. 

What are Youth LEAD’s values and principles? 

  • Ensure active involvement and meaningful participation of all YKPs;
  • Ensure equality in representation, involvement and participation among all YKPs;
  • Foster partnership and collaboration;
  • Implement a sense of accountability;
  • Promote evidence and human rights-based approaches in creating best practices;
  • Respect diversity and ensure gender balance in all aspects;
  • Ensure a rights-based approach to all forms of decision making;
  • Promote equality and non-discrimination for YKPs and all working in HIV/AIDS;
  • Promote and foster gender equity in all organizational policies and programs.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Youth LEAD’s board members?

  • Strategic Direction - participate in Youth LEAD’s strategic planning process and help monitor its implementation and assume leadership roles to support YKPs and YPLHIV.
  • Governance - establish policies and continually monitor the proper implementation of those policies by using and regulating influence to direct and control the actions and affairs of management and others.
  • Financial Oversight - approve work plans, proposals and maintain oversight on Youth LEAD’s activities.
  • Performance - Establish and oversee the framework for the monitoring and periodic performance of the secretariat.
  • Risk Management - Oversee the strategy for identifying and managing risks (including but not limited to financial, reputational, legal, regulatory, operational and strategic risks).
  • External Relations - Promote the active engagement of and collaboration with a wide and diverse range of partners.
  • Partnership & Reporting - work with the secretariat to help 


How is the board set up, what does the structure look like?

The Youth LEAD Board consists of seven seats, two seats allocated to former alumni board members and five seats to new members (focal points of Youth LEAD). Board member elections take place every two years. All seven members will work to represent young key populations and young people living with HIV for Asia and the Pacific for 2022 – 2024.

What are the qualifications of a Board member?

Youth LEAD Board members need to:

  • Be under the age of 30 at the time of accepting the position of a board member;
  • From Asia and the Pacific;
  • Identify as a key population or is a young person living with HIV;
  • A current focal point to the Youth LEAD network;
  • Have a minimum of two years of experience working with or advocating for young key populations, HIV and SRHR;
  • Good working knowledge of English both verbal and written.

Board members are expected to fulfil their role for two years.

How what does the election process look like, what is the timeline?

  • Call for nominations end: 28 November 2022
  • Review of applications: 5 December 2022
  • Board member elections (via poll/form): 7-9 December 2022
  • Announcement of new board members via Zoom Conference with Youth LEAD focal points: 12 December 2022 (tentative)

The election process will involve candidates submitting an application form. The information taken from the application form will be used to create a candidates booklet, which will be eventually be distributed internally among Youth LEAD's focal points before the voting process begins. Focal points will be allowed to vote for one person based on the answers provided in the application form. More details on consent and privacy to the sharing of information is listed in the application form. Also, details on the voting process will be shared closer to time.

What do I need to do to become a board member?

There are four simple steps to becoming a board member:

  1. Read the information carefully to see if you qualify in becoming a board member
  2. Fill out the application form, download below  
  3. Send the completed application form to with the subject line “Board Member Application – [Name][Country]"
  4. Attach a bio photo (JPG, JPEG, PNG)

If you have trouble understanding the information or have questions about the application process, please contact Legee Tamir ( or get in touch with a Youth LEAD focal point from your country if issues are related to language.