Regional Training Manual for Healthcare Workers and Young Key Populations: Call for Youth Consultant

Posted on Jul 24, 2020


To help develop and provide a youth perspective on the Regional Training Manual for Healthcare Workers and Young Key Populations in Asia and the Pacific


Under the Sustainability of HIV Services for Key Populations in Asia Program (SKPA Program), managed by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations (AFAO), Youth LEAD conducted a first time training for YKP leadership and programming using the New Gen and YKP Programming Toolkits in Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste in November 2019. In particular, the outcome of an initial work plan in Papua New Guinea by the YKP participants showed that they called for increased awareness amongst national healthcare workers for increased sensitivity when it came to YKP friendly services. 

In the first quarter of 2020, the regional and national networks came together to update on the previous year’s activities and share where networks could collaborate on future plans. During this cross-sharing process, CHIAS from Laos, MAC from Malaysia, and Burnet Institute from PNG requested for health care worker (HCW) sensitization for YKP in their Y2 activities due to demand from YKP in their respective countries. 

At the present moment, there are several manuals on HCW sensitization for YKP however, they are either generalized for youth, or for YKP in other regions of the world. Nonetheless, Youth LEAD recognizes that there is no need to start from scratch as the current can be further contextualized to YKP specific needs in Asia and the Pacific. Manuals that have already been identified for this regional guideline are the healthcare worker sensitization manual developed for the Lolipop organization in Indonesia (in collaboration with Youth LEAD) and the Y+ Ready to Care scorecard leaflet.

In order to realize the vision of a regional Healthcare Worker Guideline for YKP in the Asia Pacific region, the support of a lead consultant and youth consultant is needed to develop a guideline on HCW’s for YKP friendly services.

What we hope to achieve from this project are:

  • YKP specific HCW guideline that can be easily adapted to YKP needs in the Asia Pacific nations

  • The training of this guideline to 1-3 strategically selected health workers in the three selected SKPA countries (Laos, Malaysia, PNG)

  • The HCW YKP Guideline to be used in countries outside of the SKPA Grant

  • The selected organizations from Laos, Malaysia and PNG to further train other YKP organizations on the guideline in their respective countries

Consultancy Objectives 

The youth consultant will assist the lead consultant on reviewing the existing material on HCW, YKP friendly services and to identify areas of adaptation and niches to develop the Asia Pacific regional guidance. In addition, the youth consultant will hold the responsibility of reviewing the manual to make sure it has a youth perspective throughout. 

Scope of Work

Under the overall supervision and working in close collaboration with the lead consultant and the Youth LEAD secretariat, the youth consultant will be responsible for:

  1. An induction call with the lead consultant and the Youth LEAD Secretariat to have clarity on the context and objectives of the guideline development, timeline and methodology

  2. Review of the existing materials on healthcare worker guidelines for YKP friendly services or general KP services and people living with HIV with the lead consultant

  3. Help prepare the key components for the guidelines and discuss with the YL team before delving into the details of the guidelines. The document will be shared with the SKPA team as well. 

  4. Help compile and draft the regional healthcare worker guideline for YKP in the Asia Pacific after receiving inputs on the key components, making sure there is a clear youth perspective throughout. The guideline will aim to facilitate the training of a maximum of three days and should have at least the following components

    1. Background and preparation for the training.

    2. Tips for working with health care workers

    3. Each session of the training should have a time period, required materials, resource person, a clear stepwise methodology of conducting the sessions, alternative sessions (if any), key messages, and any specific tips required.

    4. The manual should be interactive with games and reflective exercises

    5. It should also include additional reading materials for each session if any.

    6. The manual should have a pre-post assessment document

  5. The draft will be submitted to the Youth LEAD Secretariat, SKPA and circulated amongst selected experts and stakeholders for the peer-review.

  6. Allow for 2-3 rounds of feedback/edits before submitting the final guideline to the Youth LEAD Secretariat.

  7. Briefing with the Youth LEAD secretariat on best practices for the guideline after final submission


The consultant will communicate and report to the Programme Officer of Youth LEAD.


  • Experience working on service delivery manuals, bonus with a focus on young key populations/ young people

  • Design in service delivery manuals

  • Experience working with health care services in Asia and the Pacific 

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

  • Advocate for youth-friendly health care services

  • Able to meet deadlines

  • Young people from the key populations would be an asset

Level of effort



Proposed Number of Days

Literature review and preparation of the key components of the manual 

Local Country

5 days

Compile existing materials into a regional draft

Local Country

10 days

1st round of Draft manual edits

Local Country

2 days

2nd round of Draft manual edits

Local Country

2 days 

Final manual 

Local Country

1 day


20 days


Proposed Budget

The total budget for the consultancy is 2,500 USD. 50% will be paid after the signing of the contract while 50% will be paid after the submission of the satisfactory deliverables.


  • HCW YKP Friendly Serviced draft Guideline

  • HCW YKP Friendly Serviced final Guideline

Estimated Duration of Contract

 August - September. This is subject to extension as required and approved by Youth LEAD.

What We Need From You

Individuals interested to submit an application must submit the documents below:

  1. A cover letter explaining your area of expertise and experiences, and

  2. A complete CV with two referees (Applicants who have had consultancy experiences may also submit details of their previous consultancies including the fees you were paid).

Deadline for submission

Update: The deadline has been extended to August 9 2020, before 11:59 (GMT+7).

How do I submit my application?

Please submit the above mentioned documents via email to

We would appreciate it if you could keep your email subject in the quoted format – “Submission for the Regional HCW Youth Consultant – YOUR NAME”.