#Collab2Action: Collaboration with young people is critical for a post-pandemic future

Posted on Aug 19, 2022

Young people, COVID-19, and post-pandemic future: Why collaboration with young people is critical

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of collaborating with young people in designing and implementing interventions in response to public health crises. Challenges that young key populations (YKPs) and young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) already face such as in employment, social protection, healthcare, psychosocial support, and education, have been further exacerbated by COVID-19. It is thus imperative that health ministries, UN agencies and key national stakeholders collaborate with young people to improve their access to essential healthcare services during the current pandemic, as well as in a post-COVID future. 

In this background, Youth LEAD engaged with young people across the Asia-Pacific region to raise awareness of the concerns of YKPs and YPLHIV during the COVID-19 pandemic through the #Collab2Action campaign. Through this campaign, young people have raised critical issues that young people face as well as the importance of collaboration in developing and implementing programme interventions that affect the health and well-being of young people. 

To amplify the voices of young people, Youth LEAD developed a Youth Statement highlighting how governments, private, sector, and civil society organizations can collaborate with YKPs and YPLHIVs to better serve young people during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in a post-pandemic future. Collaboration with young people is critical in achieving a more equal, resilient, and sustainable society.

Read our Youth Statement below: