A Situation Assessment of Children Infected and Affected by AIDS (CABA) in Nepal

Posted on Nov 18, 2021


Children Infected and Affected by AIDS in Nepal Final Report

The Save the Children Nepal program under the Global Fund HIV grant has been implementing a Cash Transfer program for children living with HIV (CLHIV) in Nepal since mid-April 2014. The Community Care Centre (CCC), managed by the National Association of People Living with HIV (NAP+N), implements the program in 66 districts of Nepal. The program provides 1000 Nepali rupees a month to CLHIV up to 18 years old.

Youth LEAD, in collaboration with its country partners, Young Key Populations (YKP) Lead Nepal, and (NAP+N) conducted a national study to assess the situation of CLHIV receiving cash support, including the children affected by AIDS who do not receive the cash support.

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